Quality Air Care Before


Quality Air Care After


Case Study

Website goes from “How Will I Read This?” to “Boy, How I Need This!”

Alot of content can become a wall of words that people will never get over. We know verbiage gets piled on during website construction because search engines love it, and it’s easily produced by typing. And typing is easy for the small business owner to do, as opposed to image layout, video embedding, or any other type of content.

So it was the case with Quality Air Care, that there was alot of content in a little space. What we were able to do was spread that out, over 40 pages in fact. Now everything is in it’s place, within easy reach of the user who has questions.

To top it all off, we leave them with an awesome homepage that not only provides the most accurate descriptions and pathways to services, it looks great too and the messages are right on.

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