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Case Study

CV Transport had a website by another Toms River web designer, actually a marketing firm. It wasn’t bad, but on some level the client just wasn’t satisfied. I try to gather as much business intel. as I can on these initial meetings, but the client was mum. I can dig that.

So I go by the design. Powerful though it tried to be, a modest theme set in a luxurious black, there were no other subtleties to hint at any underlying sophistication. The header image was an amalgamation, you know, one of those faded-together composite images straight out of Photoshop. Hey banner! The nineties called and they want their fades back! And I knew the client needed something more to cover the rental aspect of their business.

So what do I do? I go and make something one-off that I’m sure I could never duplicate if I tried. The uniqueness comes from the layered scrolling effect, also known as parallax. Eye-catching? You bet.

Why did I go with something so bleeding edge instead of safe? Because I want that website to be essential. Their biggest competitor is working with a budget 10x as large, and is established 10x as long. So I need to answer with something clever. I want a site that yields a low bounce rate, many pages per visit, and all those little metrics that add up to conversion. Did they get it? God, I hope so. The summer will tell!

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