Whether you think I mean you should keep that domain registered or you should keep a website up and running on it, you’re right!

At a minimum, keep the domain registered. Pre-pay the registration as far into the future as you can. Search engines can see this and will award you dividends accordingly. As a side benefit, your domain name will not expire unexpectedly, leaving you scratching your head and wondering where your website went. And if the name does expire and you exceed the grace period allowed by your registrar, the name will be expensive to get back. Meanwhile, per-year registration costs are $15 per year – a drop in the bucket. So register it up!

If you have the means, then build a website on it. Even if it’s a static website and you do nothing further, at least you are showing the world that the lights are on and someone is home. You’ll reap the business benefits of having a website. That’s the fitting and proper use of a dot com domain name, if you ask us. Side benefits of having content hosted on the domain name? Other websites will link to yours, enhancing your link profile over time. Slowly.

If you’re really ambitious, then pursue ongoing development. CMS systems make that easy to do. At least monthly. This translates to a “freshness” bonus given to businesses that develop their content. Whether their actual product, service, or serving area are expanding or not. Feed your audience and they’re stick around and be converted – making this a self-fulfilling prophecy.