Anatomy of a Google Search Result

  • A is the beginning of the Google paid listings. They come from the Adwords PPC program
  • B is the where ads appear that meet a bid or click price. Varies per industry and location.
  • C is the beginning of the organic, non-paid listings
  • A – ads are ranked from top to bottom based on the bid amount of the ad. Higher-bidding ads are shown in the topmost positions and more frequently
  • B – When a certain bid threshold is crossed, the ad will “jump” from the sidebar on the right into a spot right above the first organic listing. The threshold amount varies based on highest bid amount. And the highest bid amount, just like any other author, is affected by the number and strength of the competition.
  • C – The organic listings. There is no bidding to get to the top of this. These are unpaid ads in contrast to A and B. These are the search results affected by¬†SEO, and the most popular websites can be pushed to the top. Also affected by Trustrank, domain age, budget and other off page factors