How do we keep our web dev skills fresh? Lots of practice, and we READ. And not just the internet.

Sometimes you just need a portable, comprehensive resource. I think they used to be called ‘books’. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Website usability and user testing bookDon’t Make Me Think – Steve Krug – Lessons on website usability and user testing. Book applies to any size website, but especially larger sites with ecom.
  • Website readability book. Excellent treatise on content writing from a usability professionalLetting Go Of The Words – Janice Redish – As you can tell from the title, not too much on SEO. Tells more about how to tailor your content to people by breaking it up in ways that make sense.
  • Book about website speedHigh Performance Websites – Steve Souders – Speed enhancements for websites. This book caught the attention of some major media brokers.