Putting your catalog online should be a daunting prospect to your business. Before you make the jump from brick to click, take a moment to ask yourself some hard questions:

Do we have a unique product?

If not, do you at least have no competition on the internet? Or is it a shooting match out there? Stiff competition makes for lower margins.

Can we handle the load?

Ecommerce increases your workforce by at least 25%. Orders will need to be filled. Do you have at least one person to handle this?

Do we have a large catalog?

A small collection of products doesn’t do well online. Clickthrough rates of 1% are the norm, so make sure you have enough products to attract plenty of visitors.

Is our catalog organized?

You cannot ‘throw’ it all up online and expect great results. Serious thought needs to go into products and categories. A mess of products becomes a big mess on the internet

Can our products be drop-shipped?

See if your vendor can do this. Chances are they are more of a well-oiled machine when it comes to picking, packing, and shipping.
Save your floorspace for products your street customers want and leave shipping to the experts if you can.

Is this what we want to do?

Pause here a moment. Walk away and think about it. We promise you, ecommerce success doesn’t come easy. It requires a shift in the way you do business.

Are you still there?

We’re still here. And we want to help your business make it happen. For a free consultation on this very important matter, please call us before you begin (732)600-3932 or Use our contact form. Thank You.