Your website should look an feel like all other forms of advertising you have in place. That includes signage and business cards.

Copycat Advertising

Where do we get our best ideas for web sites? From you, our customers.
Chances are you already have something that is working for you.

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Signs
  • Vehicle Wraps

We can use almost any graphics medium as a part of a web site design.
Yes, we can even “un-wrap” vehicles with our photo software and use that.

Examples of copied conceptual design

Casey’s Cleaning

Casey's Cleaning flyer

Casey’s Cleaning Flyer

Arrow to the right Casey's Cleaning website

Casey’s Cleaning Website


NJ MiniGP brochure

NJ MiniGP’s Brochure

Arrow to the right Casey's Cleaning website

NJ MiniGP’s Website