SEO Roadmap Report

Download a full .pdf report on your website’s SEO status. This is an actionable list that you or your web developer can use to optimize your site so it gets the ranking it deserves.

What’s In It?

  1. Competition – Tell us what you do and we’ll show you what the heavy-hitters in your niche are doing.
  2. Keyword Research – What terms should you go after? Want to know what’s trending? We’ll tell you what is low-competition and high-traffic.
  3. On-Page SEO – Are your keywords in the right places on each page of your site? Are they at the optimal density?  Does it pass for human-readable as well? We’ll deliver the cold, honest truth
  4. Off-Page SEO – We’ll make a recommendation for a publishing schedule that you can live with. Also, we’ll let you know about link-building opportunities that have been overlooked. Take a look, drop a link for free!

    Cost and Turnaround

    The SEO Checklist takes 1-2 business days to put together, at a cost of $150. This covers websites up to 10 pages in size. If your website is larger, we’ll pick the 10 most important pages. These are the ones you should be developing.

    The Results

    The SEO Checklist is guaranteed to provide valuable information that works if most items are acted on.  The checklist is in plain English (to a web guy/gal) and the items can be carried out by most web developers.

    Don’t have the time? Just tell us to do it for you, provide the FTP info and it’s “off to the races”.

    Ready To Go?

    Just give us the basics.  Tell us what you do and where you do it. We’ll write down the steps you need to boost up your site.  Give us a call today (732) 600-3932 to get started.