I handle SEO as a natural outgrowth of content building and leading new visitors to discover it.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is a part of Search Engine Marketing in general. I take it in two complementary parts:

  • On-Page SEO – Whether you’re running a special or just trying to push your year-round services, we research the keywords people are using to look for these things. Then we describe your offering in those popular terms, and your webpages are tagged accordingly. If you have control of your own website, an SEO Checklist can provide you with a to-do list of the most crucial items.
  • Off-Page SEO – Link-building is undertaken to point to new content. All off-page efforts are 100% time-tested and proven, and play directly into Google’s secret recipe, which hasn’t changed much since 1999. More spam filters are in place, but our methods will never incur the “Google Slap” since they only point to the relevance of your business, not just making noise.

Since these methods bring visitors to your website, we recommend that you hire a professional (us!) to evaluate your website first, to make sure it will convert.

We do not participate in any “Black Hat” SEO methods. All techniques used and best-practices observed are a direct result of our experience. We do not work for Google or any SE.