As per the Wikipedia article on the subject, SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in search engine results, specifically the natural/unpaid/organic results. In our experience, Search Engine Optimization is work performed to drive more traffic to a website.

3 Styles of SEO

  • White Hat SEO – Typically on-page SEO, making sure keywords are well-represented within a web page and the site in general.
  • Black Hat SEO – A more aggressive SEO style, mainly off-page. Relies on computing power for the generation and publication of content. What do we see? The faster websites go up, the faster they come down.
  • Grey Hat SEO – Somewhere in the middle. Off-page techniques performed mostly by hand, with a solid strategy in place to tie related content together. Results in a conservative link profile that generally does not incur a penalty.

What is the result of SEO?

  • Your site is more easily found for the keywords identified.
  • Pages within your site are more clearly described to searchers
  • Bottom line: increased sales due to increased traffic.

Is it better to do SEO before or after a web site is published?

Before! Keywords need to be identified as a part of market research. Not by a keyword density checker. That would be the barn door after the horses!

SEO as a Service