Programming, my forte all throughout school and I still get to do it quite a bit. My favorite language? Doesn’t matter, whatever will let me solve the problem quickest.

Some web pages have alot to do. Not only do they have to be eye-catching, they have to respond when the user tries to interact with them. This comes about thru programming.

Pages that accept input should do so gracefully. Form validation should be unobtrusive. Sections that let the user “drill-to-detail” should accept that action, regard of device being used, and be able to echo a confirmation and result to the end-user. There are tons of uses for the programming in web design.

Popular Applications

  • Form submissions (emails, messages, and other ways to correspond with your customers)
  • Calendars (scheduling, coordination)
  • Feedback (voting, quality control)
  • Integration (MLS database, data feeds)
  • Calculators (mortgage, shipping rates)
  • Shopping Carts
  • Other tools (limited only by the connection and imagination)