People that are visually impaired have special requirements when surfing the Web.
Developments such as scalable type and screen readers help fullfil those requirements, but only if the web site is accessible.

Accessibilty is the practice of building special provisions into web sites for those with limited sight ability. With accessibility as a design rule, the web site’s potential audience grows.

Accessibility ensures visually impaired users:

  • Can read your content
  • Can use your services

No excuse for no scalable type

Twenty-something web designers with perfect eyesight can easily forget that the majority of your audience doesn’t have perfect eyesight. We take pride in our large, high-contrast and scalable type websites. The older your target demographic, the more you need it.

Try it

Hold down the Ctrl key and roll your mouse wheel forward. The text should enlarge, but does the design break long before it becomes readable?

Accessibility as a service