Stay On Top Of That Domain Name (I Mean It)

Whether you think I mean you should keep that domain registered or you should keep a website up and running on it, you’re right! At a minimum, keep the domain registered. Pre-pay the registration as far into the future as you can. Search engines can see this and will award you dividends accordingly. As a [...]

Over-Optimization: Google Wants You To Stop Being A Spaz

Think Google isn’t smart enough to tell you are over-optimizing? Wrong answer! But you can get out of that rut… Search engines, besides figuring off-page ranking factors, can tell when a website is updated. As proof, see the newly-indexed page in SERPs and the traffic increase afterwards. Updates are rewarded, and to make updates that [...]

Responsive Web Design

Building on liquid layouts and elastic images is responsive web design. Well-documented by Ethan Marcotte, this technique uses the media-query element of css to vary the number and width of columns in a design based on the size of the device that is viewing it. This technique also goes a long way toward accessibility.

Media Queries

A W3C Candidate Recommendation as of 27 July 2010, we have seen browser support for this develop over the last year. Not only can the media component of stylesheets be used to specify an output device or medium, now we are seeing ways to specify the dimensions and orientation of that device. As always, we [...]

Stand Out with Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets draw more attention to your search results with fancy markup and inline images. Google is supporting the following information types. Reviews People Products Businesses and organizations Recipes Events Music