Update Your Own Website?

If you’re fed up with websites that look, well, less than professional, then try ours! Powered by WordPress, we make it easy to stay on top of your own site. Want to see what our CMS looks like?


A web crawler is like a web browser with a robot at its controls. Crawlers are employed by all search engine companies to retrieve copies of websites into the search engine’s index.

Manta Says “SEO” ?

Manta will be rolling out a vlog series on SEO. This is the intro to that series. We’ve always put stock in Manta as a way to list your business inexpensively.  Not to mention how “cool” and fun to use their website is. We love that they’re advocating SEO for promotion

HTML5 – “We Are There Yet!”

All web development and sites created by Toms River Web Design will be HTML5 from now on.  In an industry that is always moving forward, it doesn’t make sense to stick with the HTML4 or XHTML standards.  Our customers are moving on, browser makers are moving on, we’re moving on. Better devices In-built animation capability [...]